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our first halloween 2015

This year our little people were so keen to dress up and ‘do’ Halloween and guess I must have been living under a rock the last little while with this as it seems to be catching on here in Australia in a big way. So we purchased a pumpkin, did some carving and with a witch, ghost, dragon, two fairys in RaRa skirts and a reason to celebrate anything farmer, we went to our little village to meet up with friends for a kids Halloween party night organised by another mum.

The place was packed and I couldn’t even recognise some of the local little people the costumes were so great. Our little dragon took out best costume in her age group and our first pumpkin creation won best pumpkin carving – a great family gift prize full of fun stuff. There was dancing, games, overloading on candy, great company and lots of fun. I didn’t take near enough photos, not even a costume one.

downbrushwoodroad3232downbrushwoodroad3244downbrushwoodroad3257bdownbrushwoodroad3312The following day we had storms roll in one after the other, finishing the day with this dramatic electrical storm. The sky was iridescent, and it poured, thankfully we missed the hail in the storm so the crops are still holding up and we hope it missed the farmers to the the east too. We are awaiting some similar weather over the coming days, hoping again it passes us and our fellow farmers by gently as harvest is only a fortnight away.downbrushwoodroad3288downbrushwoodroad3292downbrushwoodroad3303downbrushwoodroad3300

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