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spring break

We have spent the weekend at home to unwind to get into Spring break. Downtime staying in your PJ’s, dressups and late afternoon farm walks. The ground is so green and lush after the winter rain and with snake season upon us again we have a herd of cows come in for a few weeks visit to eat it down. The option of flies or snakes. Farm life


I think a majority of houses with a little girl has their very own Elsa, just like us.

downbrushwoodroad9852downbrushwoodroad9893 downbrushwoodroad9899 downbrushwoodroad9911

our super hero Rosie keeping the cows in check

downbrushwoodroad9913downbrushwoodroad9924 downbrushwoodroad0012 downbrushwoodroad0013 downbrushwoodroad9941 downbrushwoodroad9981

our little crew, half in their Pj’s. Complete with an Olaf pirate in gumboots

downbrushwoodroad9955 downbrushwoodroad9974 downbrushwoodroad9993 downbrushwoodroad9998

always time for a gate swing

downbrushwoodroad0019 downbrushwoodroad0027

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