My goal is to create images that showcase your connection. Sessions thrive off of near-constant movement so we’ll do some walking (perhaps some hiking, too). Most of the time, I snap away while you interact with one another in order to photograph natural and sincere interactions, at times I guide these moments and give you things to do while I shoot.

While I will always ensure to capture a few posed images I prefer to document the wandering, adventuring and natural moments. While in our gallery some images may look posed most of the time I am just observing at the right time and setup in the right location.

I individually edit every image you receive in a style that presents your images in a natural, raw element to showcase them best.

Lifestyle Sessions

Sessions are approx 1.5-2hrs. We have our family farm located 20mins from Wagga with a forest and wide open spaces to roam, let the little ones explore and enjoy your families company. Travelling to locations and styled sessions are also always welcome & fun.

When you book your session we will go over outfit suggestions if required and the right outfit is not as important as the energy, not taking yourself too seriously and a fun attitude to create the images. There are some unofficial rules that make it all come together but this will be discussed at the booking time.


Wedding coverage is from Bride prep thru until reception.

Emotional, natural images of your own adventure. I want you to enjoy the process of taking your wedding photos, not just the outcome, to feel something when you look over your images, to have fun from start to finish.


They’re my yay! I get excited when couples want to spend their day with their partner and get to be there too. Keep it intimate and relevant, go on an adventure & capture that commitment the very best way we can.


Yes record this moment! It is so special & one of the most life changing moments in both your lives. I keep the secret, go unnoticed from a distance, but record it all. Afterwards a mini 30min session that is full of happy bursting love vibes.

newborn photography


I come to you within the first 2 weeks to observe and document your new life with your little one in your environment. The images present genuine and natural.

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