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Antoni & Rhianydd’s best day ever

Surrounded by their loved ones, they exchanged vows with smiles overflowing.

Their was so much love and laughter at this wedding, Antoni & Rhi have such infectious warmth & love for each other and all in their company. All held at Briars Country Lodge in Bowral it was a destination wedding to remember. After a joy filled ceremony in the garden we wandered around the lodge enjoying its surrounds and the days sunset as the guests played yard games & mingled. The reception with a cosy fire, blankets and great atmosphere ended an amazing day that partied late into the night. I’m sure laughter could be heard echoing through the hills of Bowral.

Rhi and Antoni personalised so much of their day, the invitations and paper creations painted and created by Rhi and the table setting wooden hexagon boards, ring box and woodwork creations created by Antoni. Penguin books were given to each guests as a thank you and I got spoilt with Seven Little Australians, so thoughtful and I look forward to reading it on holidays. In the morning breakfast was held in the foyer and then we all said our goodbye, an amazing weekend for these two amazing people. I have been itching to share these photos. Congratulations Antoni & Rhi what a way to start your life together.

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Brides dress – Rachel Gilbert    Shoes – Yellow Badgely Mischka
Flowers & floral headpiece – Little bird blooms, Bowral
Cake – Wildflower cakes, Bowral
Brides preparation – Briars country lodge, Bowral
Ceremony & Reception – Garden, Briars country lodge, Bowral
Paper creations – Bride    Woodwork creations – Groom
Reception music – Bronwyn Kenny & band, Bowral

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