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giovanni & kate’s best day ever

The quaint town of Coolamon’s population increased as family and friends arrived for a weekend of wedding celebrations for Giovanni & Kate.

Kate’s mothers house which was once owned by her parents was filled with the warmth you get from that sentimental feeling of family and was the location for Kate to get ready and for the reception.

I was in my element with all this sentimental vibe and touches, not to mention Giovanni and Kate and the lovely people that surrounded them.

Standing alongside Kate were her 3 Sisters-in-law; Giovanni, his friends and brother-in-law, little attendants neices and nephews. Kate’s dress was so exquisite, a beautiful fur coat handed down from Kate’s Grandmother was ready to wear as the cooler evening arrived, and a delicate headpiece was crafted to compliment. The sun beams through the windows at St Micheals Church were perfectly placed, a hilarious family photo session – one of my funniest, a location session that was truly enjoyable, a call home to Giovanni’s beloved dad, and it didn’t stop there. The reception started on the manicured lawns with a garden party under the stars soaking up the end of the warmer Autumn days, the candelit marquee reception was warm and inviting with silverware, sweet table arrangements, delicious food and made perfect being filled with all the laughter and so much love and happiness for this beautiful couple.

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Brides dress – Rue De Seine
Makeup – Allie Swanston -Gypsy Girl
Ceremony – St Michaels, Coolamon
Brides head piece and bouquet – Scooters flowers
Bridesmaids and flower arrangements – Merrin Glasgow, Coolamon
Cake – baked by Libby, Bride’s sister in law & Iced by Kristie, Coolamon bakery
Reception music – Night Moves
Reception – Marquee from Jaegers Event hire held in Brides parents stunning backyard

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