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Mother’s Day, a day when I feel spoilt to be a Mother to these 5 little people and that they get to call me ‘Mum’

A few images from a recent holiday at the beach I cherish, we spent hours here this day, lots of happy memories.

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It is early morning on Mother’s Day I am up editing, the house is quiet and I am getting a lot accomplished. I love the quiet but I love the noise of all our little people and I know one day when they are all grown I will be pinning for this noise. Our 3 older ones have been excited about Mother’s day for days and days here, I am sure it is as I have art and craft creations coming my way when they wake that they have lovingly made. Perfect.

This B&W is our older 2 with their Nan and my Mum. My Mum is so caring, thoughtful, generous, beautiful and full of so much joy.


beach location: south ballina NSW North Coast

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