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James & Emma’s best day ever

James & Emma are simply great together, compliment each other, have a good sense of humour and along with their close knit bridal party, it was a guaranteed great day.                                               Organised to perfection and even the weather for a February day was perfection. The day was set at St Edwards of the Riverina with vows under the trees, photos taken around the property ending with a spectacular sunset for us to enjoy with a basket of goodies St Edwards prepared. Celebrations continued under a fresh bloom filled marquee where there were warm, heartfelt speeches and tables abundant with lots of happy folks.

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Flowers & floral decoration – My Floral Styling, Amanda Bahr
Makeup – Lucinda Panarello Makeup Griffith
Videographer – Aurora Video Wagga
Ceremony & Reception – St Edwards Of the Riverina
Cake – Wagga Piece of cake
Reception music – Baker boys Band, Canberra

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