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seven, the number of the day in our house

Today the little man in our house turns 7.

Every birthday that happens for our babes, I get emotional. Where does the time go…..somehow, a tradition has started in our house that the day before your birthday we go out with the camera, just me and the year older one to be for a little one on one time and get a few photos before you grow up so much overnight! The babes just kind of expect it now so I guess they have started the tradition. Holding up a show of fingers, how old they are today and how old they will be tomorrow is also part of it – I need to get another plan started when we start getting into the two digit numbers as they may get interesting using toes.

So completely, totally and all the joy filled words blessed am I that I am Mum to this adoring little man. He truly has a heart of pure gold, good humoured, and has eyes like his dad,  I love him so much.

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Time to whip the cake together ready for it’s limelight of being adored with 7 candles.

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