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matt & kristin’s best day ever


So how it should be. Such an adorable couple.

They were infectious with their happiness.

The parents and siblings, oh so lovely & Kristin’s grandparents, the sweetest and so joyful.

The day was picture perfect, the weather, the company, the vibe, the atmosphere, the bridal party.

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Brides dress – Demetrios from ‘Something & Love’ Griffith
Bride’s Hair – Kooringal Mall hair
Makeup – Keira Butcher
Ceremony – Tree Chapel, Wagga Botanic Gardens
Florist – Flowertalk Wagga
Catering – Michele Seymour catering
Cake – Bride’s sister in law
Reception music – The Mighty Yak
Reception – Marquee from Jaegers Event hire held in Groom’s parents beautiful backyard.

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