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ben and mel’s best day ever

Spoilt is the best word to describe being part of Ben & Mel’s wedding.

I adventured to Sydney for a few days for this Inner city, trendy, cool, chic, vintage full of great vibes celebration for this natural and completely adoring of each other duo. The day was relaxed and meaningful, they decided to have no bridal party with friends and family contributing to different elements of their day to make it all come together perfect. The ceremony overlooked the Harbour bridge to the sounds of an acoustic guitar followed with a cocktail reception at Cafe Morso, Pyrmont. This is where we exited for a little photo time before all their guests arrived to party & dance on thru the evening.

A well stocked devine sweets bar, a late night run of hamburgers, Ben’s beloved Gran who partied on till late, some beautiful words during the relaxed and heartfelt speeches, a fun bunch of friends, a great playlist of songs that started a few sets of dance off’s and Mel’s outfit change to carry on their evening out with friends. They certainly held a wedding for all their guests to remember and one that will forever make me smile.
Congrats Ben & Mel.

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Brides dress – Rachel Gilbert
Hair/Makeup – Hayley Dutton
Ceremony –  Sue Artup: Ceremonies by Design
Florist – Adrianna, Blooms and Scents
Reception – Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont

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